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Why? Because we are giving you Free Mobile applications creator, UNDER YOUR NAME Where we don't use any of your details, !!! The details you provide are used by our engines for creating YOUR mobile apps....Only !!!

Join the new world mobile concept and put yourself in the forefront of your field

Create YOUR icons (upload any image as your icon) and allow others to follow YOU on mobile

Upload any content as long as it public content: it can yours or your favorite

sites, music from Youtube(R), pages from Facebook(R) pictures,

Products, etc
You will be needing an Account

At MakePack's MarketPlace, you will be getting

1. Your own mobile app creator Page under your Name

2. Create and upload icons based on your personal content and allows others to follow YOU on mobile

3. Your icon at the global mobile market place together with other businesses/sites/blogs from all over the world allowing visitors to collect content and follow you on their mobile .

Each Member has his own page and personal content. Members will be presented in the global market

Joining the marketplace will allow you to upload and visitors download your content to a mobile device with one click

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We are getting a lot of thankful emails, instead could you

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Programmers that wants to give us a hand are welcome



I made an App "WE LOVE A R RAHMAN " with Makepack and it has got 13000 downloads in Getjar.....The java App is also now in HANDANGO,OPERA STORE,MOBANGO..and it is the only java app on A R Rahman till now.. Thanks to MakePack for making this happen...

Supports all major Platforms/Phones

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