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You can be a private individual using MakePack to build Mobile Content Applications for Social Networking Websites, Address Books, Picture Albums or a commercial company using MakePack to build Tourist Guides, Last Minute Travel Deals, Language Conversation Books, New Products & Offerings, Sale Campaigns, Fashion Catalogs, Store Locations, Information on Restaurants, Sports, TV Programs and many more.

The uniqueness of this system is the simplicity, the time-to-market and the ability to distribute a Mobile Content Application to selected and focused consumer groups or friends and buddies by a simple SMS or on demand. Mobile Content Applications build by MakePack provide all mobile features such as automatic dialing, direct web access, sending Email or SMS messages from within the application.

This technology will actually change the market where not only mobile content providers or software companies can create mobile content but also any private individual or commercial company can do it by themselves at a very low cost and with no need for a technical background.

Installing the MakePack platform on any Site, App store , Portals offers variety possibilities for design

Web interface
Free Creator

Fun,Simple,Attractive, Allow your visitors creating personal mobile application, with the content you provide mixed with the world most popular sites Using our UI or yours.

You can use for free our creator under your site and logo.

Simple, Attractive, Effective

Web interface
Private Label

Real time platform to build application over the web. With this option the producers will be able to contact each other and share applications, use existing icon and picture library, translate existing application to different languages and share income with the original producers

Tools makepak Private Label

Downloadable Client

Creation of mobile applications on designer's computer, by downloading client. Uploading will send the App file to the system's QA

Tools Downloadable client

The Easiest Creator Ever

A Must have in any web site, The perfect solution for Shops, Portals, Sports, TV, Music, who wants to keep their visitors update while they are on the go, offer mobile Coupons of any kind, special deals, update information, and more. Giving visitors the freedom creating their own mobile application that suits their needs, make it the easiest way to stay in contact with your visitors 24/7 .Special information, constant icons as well as ADS can be mix with any application created

Supports all major Platforms/Phones

Tzur Chaimovitz
Head of Sales & Marketing
Sabre Israel Travel Technologies

Sabre Israel Travel Technologies

“At the beginning I was a bit skeptical… you know, just another mobile application… After using it for real I must admit that I was wrong and I am happy to admit it. A wonderful application, so easy to use and to navigate. And on top of it a good and solid business model. I believe it suits our customers, providing them with a real advantage.”.

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