Company Outline

Travel Touch ltd is presenting the MakePack a game changing concept for the mobile application industry, whereby anybody, be it a company or private individual, can design and build its own branded, rich and personalized Mobile Content Application without the need to have a technical background or to go into software development. The uniqueness of this system is its simplicity, time-to-market and ability to distribute a Mobile Content Application to selected and focused consumer groups or friends by a simple SMS or on demand. Mobile Content Applications built by MakePack provide all necessary mobile features such as automatic dialing, direct web access, Rss, sending emails or SMS messages from within the application itself. This technology is NOT based on links to websites (although this feature may be used), but rather storing contents on the mobile handset itself. The most significant difference between surfing on the mobile and a Mobile Content Application that is installed and available permanently on the user’s mobile is the user’s accessibility to the content. Mobile Content Application is the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to reach customers and users

Technology Justification:

Companies are looking for new ways to reach their customers, expand their relationship and keep constant contact. One of the biggest challenges and necessities for these companies is to get to their customers’ mobile handsets, either for sales and marketing purposes or for delivering useful and personalized content information. The current world of mobile content is very limited to poor text oriented SMS messages only, with no proven income or measurable achievement and turns out to be statistically ineffective. Any other attempt to create a more sophisticated mobile content application in the traditional way means a software development project, either in-house or by a third party SW development company. Either way it is a costly and lengthy process of SW development including design, development, testing etc. which also requires special technical skills and is obviously expensive. Considering these limitations, building designated mobile content in the traditional way by definition requires frequent modifications and is not neither worthwhile nor profitable. As for surfing on a mobile to try and find information, there is no doubt that it is very uncomfortable, unintuitive and a poor user experience. The solution is to leverage SMS messages, where the SMS sent to the user is not only a simple text message but rather a link to a Mobile Content Application that can easily be downloaded and simply installed on the handset permanently and updated on demand at any time. .

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